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Stano – Content To Write In I Dine Weathercraft
120 lei
A double 12 inch of rather fine DJ Sotofett remakes of the debut LP by Irish post-punk producer Stano.

How this record came about has been lost a bit to the midst of (recent) time, back in 2018 when the label repressed "Content to Write in I Dine Weathercraft" the 1983 debut LP of one of Ireland's more enigmatic musical characters - they slid it the way of the versatile Norwegian polymath who suggested a remix, which quickly became two and soon ended up a full six track suite. It was put it aside for a bit, became a bit longer, then the artwork - pieced together by the Sex Tags boss himself cutting up features from Irish fanzine Vox - and the general lag of production in the post covid world and here we are the guts of 5 years later! A member of the legendary punk / post-punk group The Threat which disbanded after lead singer Maurice Foley disappeared to join the Hare Krishnas, Stano set up his outsider stall early on. The Threat had Stano on synths, one of the first female bassists in Deirdre Creed and their debut single was produced by progressive trad musician Donal Lunny of Planxty. His solo career of improvised electronic music continued in this vein of the unexpected – sitting outside both the country’s mainstream and alternative rock scenes. Eschewing both live performance and the spotlight for studio collaborations for this LP he worked with a number of Irish musicians - Roger Doyle, Daniel Figgis and of course Michael O Shea. This remix pack kicks off with the drum machine funk of "Room", sounding almost like a visit to Manchester's hayday with that upfront almost pop quality twinkle, still with more than a foot in its original obscurity. Then it runs the gamut of 80's pop experimentation via the new wave dream pop of "Emma Wild" which is merged and overdubbed with "Whale" and retouched with settling strings. With percussion by Helsinki's Stiletti-Ana and surprisingly traditional instrumentation by DJ Sotofett "Seance of Klondalike" is naturally dubbing out haunted house vibes as if meant to be from the beginning. Then the package takes a turn, adding some menace to the gothic feel of "Melting Grey" with a dimensional rebuild, hard to pin point, but easy to sonically fall into. Again with help by Stiletti-Ana, this time on Drums and Percussion, "Out of the Dark, Into the Dawn" is stretched into a skrangled warm baleric dubby house jam before closing it out adding a hypnotic repetitive punch to O'Shea's beautiful timeless playing on "A Dead Rose".
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BAR TON is a place where both musical afficionados and rookies are welcome.
Other people are also allowed in.