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Aaron Broomfield – Boomerang
CR 002
70 lei
Slick, spaced-out boogie heat from 1980, previously only available on a hen’s teef TP, now dished up by Australia’s Crown Ruler. The easy-rolling original rides out on the A-side, with a rawer Demo version on the back.

'I would like to explain ‘Boomerang’, its meaning and its purpose to me. It was recorded in the spring of 1979 before I wrote and recorded ‘I’m Gonna Miss Ya’, 'No Handouts’ and ‘The Polyphase’. Back then I was the founder and bandleader of Broomfield Corporate Jam, trying to imagine which direction to go in. ‘Boomerang’ was like the road map to it all. It was also like a command to myself to stay focused, keep moving forwards, overcome any fears or doubts that I may encounter along the way and to document all of the ups and downs I experienced on my journey. In July 1978, almost a year before I wrote the song, I told the band that we were going to make a bold cross-country trip from our home, Miami, to Los Angeles to try and make things happen. I got to work repairing my 1968 Chevy Impala, which I named “Hope” for the trip to take us from coast to coast. It was September 1978, about a week after my 23rd birthday, when the journey began. There were plenty of ups and downs that we encountered along the way. Many months later we returned to Miami. That’s how the concept, title and vision of ‘Boomerang’ began. Aside from the personal inspiration within the song, it had a broader meaning to me. I saw the people of Earth connected in such a way that we were all ‘boomeranging’ through time. As the Earth travels through the heavens on its’ way around the sun, each year it ‘boomerangs’, changing the seasons and conditions along the way. We recorded ‘Boomerang’ at the little production studio I’d set up in my sister Dee Dee and brother-in-law Ted’s garage. It should have been the first solo Aaron Broomfield release backed by The Broomfield Corporate Jam. It was totally different from all the other music that was being written by anyone in the band at the time. We got two test-pressings made, only one of which survived – the other perished in 1996 when our studio was destroyed by a fire. I didn’t release it back then because I thought the time wasn’t right. It was so different to what was considered commercial then and felt ahead of its time. Years later, reflecting back on the experiences of that journey – the challenges, the knowledge learned and the cultural exchanges and the friends we made – we entered into the ‘Polyphase’ era. This project was the vision projected by the experiences that inspired ‘Boomerang’. It was a call to go out in to the world, learn and return back to base to share the experiences with the people, this is what I wanted to share with my fans some day"
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BAR TON is a place where both musical afficionados and rookies are welcome.
Other people are also allowed in.