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TLF Trio: Sweet Harmony
120 lei
‘Sweet Harmony’ is a collection dreamlike baroque-classical and chamber-jazz, at the intersection of Tara Clerkin Trio, To Rococo Rot and Apartment House.

The first release on Paris’ excellent Latency label since 2020, ‘Sweet Harmony’ extends an unmissable introduction to the filigree cello, piano, and guitar delicacies of TLF Trio. Revolving Cæcilie Trier, Jakob Littauer and Mads Kristian Frøslev, the trio specialise in a finely de/re-constructed, sculptural take on free jazz and minimalism informed by “the stiltedness of Central-European Classical of the Late Renaissance and Early Baroque”. In the process they most carefully and elegantly loosen Classical templates, fluidly shapeshifting their acoustic gestures with quietly breathtaking and captivating measures of technical precision and tongue-tip, improvised spirit that leaves ample room for surprises and richly rewards repeat listens. It’s very special indeed. Under a titular reference to the rave classic, which also offers a clue to their playful, almost pop-wise appeal, TLF Trio have us by a thread on their debut collaboration. Landing on the mind like summer rain with the exquisite tactility of their prelude ‘Passacaglia’, the trio adroitly morph between ultra sparse, Wandelweiser levels of minimalism puckered with ephemeral melody and fraught with string shivers in the balm of ‘Late August, Early September’, with the album’s only (possible) appearance of electronics in Claus Haxholm’s metallic beat, recalling To Rococo Rot works, that underlines the melancholy of ’Suite X’. Melodic leitmotifs return in ‘David’, practically dematerialised in acoustic space prizing near-dubwise decay and resonance, while the the record’s centrepiece, ‘Song’ characterises their incredible attention to timbral detail with its transition from low end drone to whistling high registers, and the barely there conclusion of ’Sweet Harmony’ ultimately feels as though waking from a dream.
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BAR TON is a place where both musical afficionados and rookies are welcome.
Other people are also allowed in.