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V/A – Enter The Decagon
90 lei
Spivak, Inre Kretsen Grupp, Philipp Otterbach and more lend mutually spirited cuts of industrial, folk, jazz and ambient to Malmö’s Fasaan label. Spivak’s elision of ambient dream-pop and D&B is a must-check, and Moisture’s hall-of-mirrors dub ‘Blue Tea’ is tipped to D.K. or Jay Glass Dubs heads

“From Copenhagen hails Kristi Brud (Bride of Christ) extending us a shimmering violin contemplation initially made for the short art film piece "The Abduction of Europa", absorbing a modal ambiance of harmonics rooted in central European renaissance. Recorded in Svalöv in rural Skåne comes a hillbilly folk jazz piece constructed by Joel and Ivar on equal parts violin, flute, piano, upright bass and percussion, recorded somewhere in the misty era of of 2012-2015. Then, an interlude follows, reconstructed from the very early live sets of the label's own Inre Kretsen Grupp, laden with tuned metallic percussions and synthesized bow sounds. Following up, the idiosyncratic local talent Fai Ling offers a piece of Basinski/Hassel-esque horn repetitions in full deterioration. Concluding the A-side of the compilation is the band that never was - the only released material of Prins Emanuel and Golden Ivy's Börringe Kloster project - encapsulating their minimal-maximal approach of low quality sound samples turned in to a wall of sound of rhythm of sorts. The B-side picks up on different musings in the form of ambient cadence and carefully sculpted soundscapes signed Phillipp Otterbach, who gives us an unraveling journey into kalimba-hampered harmonies carried through a bed of industrial, synthesized sounds. Moonilena follows up with an eerie yet beautiful minimal composition of radio disturbances and repetitive, ear catching melodies. Breaking the barrier of stillness, local producer and Catholic chant fiend Digge Shim performs a rhytmical, tongue-in-cheek number that pulls widely from both the hymnal traditions of medieval Europe as well as the zonked out ambient trance sounds you'd meet in a mid nineties Goa chill-out tent. Near the tip of the decagon, we find the Cypriot producer, singer and lyricist Spivak presenting us with a feeling of the-familiar-but-never-heard in the form of an ambient pop breakbeat number with carefully crafted choirs oscillating on top - hauntingly beautiful and equally danceable. Ending in the best of styles, well-mannered umarel and purveyor of drum-smitten metallic sounds shows us what Moisture is really about - the mental image of finding your true self dancing in purgatory at a never-released Kenneth Anger film set, encumbered with red lights and occult paraphernalia.”
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BAR TON is a place where both musical afficionados and rookies are welcome.
Other people are also allowed in.